Our Story

As we begin 2013, it would be our honor to have the pleasure of your company at Sunday Night Dinner - Pittsburgh.  My husband Jack and I began hosting our monthly dinners in May 2009 at our home and our lives have been forever changed.  It has been a wonderful experience to provide a space for strangers to share a meal and see them quickly become friends.  It doesn't take long, especially in Pittsburgh for commonalities and laughter to flourish.

Maureen with Jim HaynesWe modeled our dinners on the famous soirees held in Paris each Sunday evening by my dear friend Jim_Haynes, 75, a Louisiana born author, actor, entrepreneur and world citizen, and he had quite a story to tell. Every Sunday for the past 34 years he has hosted a dinner party in his home. People email to reserve a place and make a contribution to help defray the cost of the meal. He estimates that over the years, approximately 125,000 have attended.

I was introduced to Jim through my daughter Mari who attended one of Jim's gatherings while studying in Paris in 2005.  A few weeks later I was able to schedule a Sunday layover when I was traveling to Paris as a Delta Flight Attendant.  After experiencing a fascinating evening of dinner and conversation. I knew I had to bring this concept of friends, food and good company to our special corner of the world.  It's something I felt destined to do.   Sunday Night Dinner Pittsburgh will be held at our home the last Sunday of every month.

The following day, March 28, 2009, my horoscope read as follows: "Become part of your community or local scene. Your home or neighborhood could become the center for social functions or activity. Lend a helping hand to a new acquaintance or network close to home."